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Flawless Returns

Return Policy

Returns and exchanges are FREE, and accepted up to 30 days after purchase—with an original receipt—for any reason.

KraZeDWeaR stands behind its products. Therefore, if you experience any issues with fit, or quality of our gear, exchange it, or return it for FREE.

Please note: KraZeDWeaR CANNOT accept returns or exchanges without an original receipt, for any reason.

Please keep your original receipt that you receive within your package. Also, we HIGHLY recommended registering for either a KraZy membership, or registering as a Certified KraZy, because this ensures that you can log into your account on krazedwear.com, start a return process, or print off any past receipt, from any past purchase, should you accidentally misplace or lose your original receipt.

In the rare case that you receive incorrect product(s), or products are damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately.

Start Return Or Exchange

First, fill out a return and exchange form, so we can start the process of refunding your money, or exchanging your product(s).

If you're a registered KraZy, or a Certified KraZy, you can simply log into your account on krazedwear.com, and start a return from there, using the "return" form.

You can also fill out the "Return N' Exchange Form" that came inside of your package, which you can even print out a new "Return N' Exchange Form" here.

Once you filled out your "Return N' Exchange Form" that came inside of your package, contact us, and let us know that you are wanting to return a product, for either a refund or an exchange.

After you notify us, we mail you a shipping label so that you can ship the product(s) back.

Please note: If you're using the "Return N' Exchange Form" that came in your package, you must accurately fill that form out, and you MUST have the receipt shipped back with your returned products. We CANNOT accept refunds or exchanges without a receipt.

If you have lost your receipt, you can easily go under your krazedwear.com account and print out the receipt, or any receipt from all purchases on krazedwear.com

This is why we HIGHLY recommend registering for either a KraZy membership, or registering as a Certified KraZy, because without having one of those memberships, you cannot print out receipts, and you also miss out on special discounts, and privileges that those two memberships bring.

Once we receive your returned package, and product(s), we will begin processing your refund, or exchange.


If you requested a refund, you will be notified via email within 5-7 business days of receipt when your refund has been processed. It can take up to an additional 3-5 days for the funds to post to your account, depending upon your bank, or financial institution.

All refunds are issued to the original method of payment.


Exchanges will be shipped out to you within 10-14days of receipt, and you will be notified via email once your requested exchange has been processed, and shipped back to you.

Please note: exchanges can only be exchanged for the same product that you had initially bought (in case of defective product), or exchanged for a different color, and-or different size in the same product. You can exchange for both size, and color.

Gift Cards

Gift card sells are final. We CANNOT refund, or exchange purchased gift cards.