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About KraZeDWeaR

KraZy Enough?™


Registered as a trademark in 2013, KraZeDWeaR is an attitude brand that is aimed towards the adrenaline seeking, independent, free-spirited, WilD N' KraZy people who love living life on the edge, by pushing boundaries, breaking rules, having fun, and enjoying life to its fullest, while never scared of, or regretting the outcomes, excitement, challenges, or hardships that may follow.

Designed for the KraZieS™.

After growing up on the streets—living in an abandon house by himself at the age of 13—while also having to duct-tape his tennis shoes together, and wash his clothes using a neighbor's watering hose, KraZeDWeaR's founder has devoted his life and money towards helping others chase their dreams and find success. Thus, every single KraZeDWeaR graphic tee is designed by KraZeDWeaR's founder, and made "fresh"—on demand—which allows us to honestly state that KraZeDWeaR is truly a unique brand, with a unique style that cannot be found anywhere else.

What more is there to say, other than that we want you to Standout N' Shine?


Ares is an athletic and lifestyle brand, aimed towards athletes, and fitness fanatics.

Essentially, Ares loves making the world strong, studly, beautiful and sexy, while Breaking Barriers.

There's nothing more to say, other than Show Me!

Basically KraZy

After KraZeDWeaR, there was Basically KraZy. Basically, its a clothing brand for those that love comfortable, basic, and stylish clothing, without the large logos and designs.

Basically, people think you're KraZy for not wearing branded clothing, but, we love KraZy, and we admire the individual-rule breaker. Therefore, we basically created a basic clothing brand just for you basic, yet studly and sexy rebels.

How basic can you get?

Oh, yea—almost forgot! KraZeDWeaR, Ares, and Basically KraZy are a KraZeD Industries' brand.

It doesn't get any KraZieR than that!

Logo Meanings

All the brand's logos have hidden, and subtle meanings.

In KraZeDWeaR's KraZy Skull, there are five hidden meanings in the logo.

The crown tells us to "Standout N' Shine"—to be ourselves—while the skull tells us to always be ourselves, until the very end.

The scar over the right eye represents "overcoming fear," or to "never fear."

The left side of the skull is broken, and jagged... This represents struggle, and hardship. We all have or will face struggle, and hardship sometime in our lives, because it's just part of life. Therefore, the KraZy Skull tells us to "be proud of who we are," and all the hardships and challenges we have faced, because it creates experience, which then turns us into the unique and interesting person that we have become.

Notice that the skull doesn't have teeth, or a mouth. This tells us to "always stay humble"—no matter the struggles or challenges we have faced—while "putting words into actions. Don't just talk about it—actually do it."

The letters in "KRAZEDWEAR" run together—without any spaces between them. This tells us to "stand together as one—as free people."

It is a hidden meaning that is telling and reassuring American citizens that KraZeDWeaR is an American brand, which will always put Americans first. This idea has been embedded into the foundation of KraZeDWeaR, which continues to expand and create jobs here in the United States—producing American made clothing.

The "W" in "KRAZEDWEAR" is also a hidden "3", which represents 8-3-13—the date that KraZeDWeaR became a registered trademark.

"K3" is a shortened version of "KRAZEDWEAR". The "K" represents "KRAZED", the "3" represents 8-3-13—the date that KraZeDWeaR became a registered trademark—while the "3" also creates the hidden "W", which represents "WEAR".

The Ares' logo forms an "X", telling us to "eliminate all challenges", or to "x them out."

Within the Ares' X logo is a hidden spear, or force, that is breaking a barrier. It tells us to charge head-on, without any fear, and to conqueror any challenge—to "Break Barriers™"—and succeed.

Basically KraZy's logo is a "3K". The "3" represents 2013—the year that the brand was created—while the "3" also forms a hidden "B", representing "Basically". The "K" represents "KraZy".

Our Story

After failing to find clothes that actually fit comfortably, and actually looked good, KraZeDWeaR's founder decided to create his own clothing, just the way that he liked, just for himself.

Using his artistic talent, he designed and created clothing that incorporated bold colors and designs that ensured he'd always standout as an individual, with a "wild" attitude.

Every time he wanted a new outfit or tee, he designed it himself, and paid a clothing manufacturer, and-or printer to have his design made into tees or shorts.

Within a short-period-of-time, he had complete strangers walking up to him, asking where and how they could get some of his clothing.

"I love that shirt! Where did you buy it?"

"Make me a shirt, bro! I don't care what the design looks like—I just want that skull logo on a shirt."

"Dude, that logo is untouchable! You're going big places with that skull."

"Do you make t-shirts for females, too? How about thongs and panties? Are you looking for panty models?"

Shocking enough, his new style also caught the attention of the United States Army. In 2011, the Army asked him—two years straight—to design some tees for one of their units—the 515th Sapper Company.

KraZeDWeaR's founder found himself designing tees and athletic shorts for paying customers, and the military.

He never dreamed of actually turning the logo and his new look into a fashion brand, but following the brand's sudden, and unpredictable success, he followed his life-long-dream of becoming an entertainment and fashion tycoon, and decided to turn his style into a clothing brand.

However, it had to have a meaning, and a purpose behind the brand...above all, it had to be "fresh and unique."

KraZeD decided to create a clothing brand that would reflect his rebellious, and wild attitude, while incorporating designs and messages that reflected and remind him of all of the struggles he had faced when growing up in poverty and on the streets.

Essentially, he made the brand personal, vowing to design every single graphic tee for KraZeDWeaR, along with a short, motivational message with each clothing design for his customers.

In 2013, KraZeDWeaR's logo became a legal, registered trademark, engendering a fast-growing "attitude" brand for both men and women. Ares and Basically KraZy followed suit soon after.

It's KraZy not to be KraZy.